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Sardines, in Vegetable Oil, Whole, Canned, NW, 6.25 kg, 50 x 125 g

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Improvements: all is well
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Thank you for the quality and on-time delivery

Thank you for the quality and on-time delivery

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Improvements: So far so good
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Great Product, Huge and very firm

Thanks Jimmy,

Glad that you liked our product

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Improvements: Please give enough info on the process of delivery to be sure someone will be home to accept the product.
Channel: Via google, not my first time ordering from you.

At one point,I didn’t know it would be delivered as I heard no update till I heard it was delivered by the recipient.

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Great fish at a fantastic price

Perfect for bodybuilding meal prep. Cooks great after thawing

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Great Quality

Freshly frozen good quality Atlantic Mackerel

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Improvements: Protect the package very well next time it might not only be one that is damage
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Service was ok and price was good delivery was on point as well

there was one sardine that was damage(Open with oil all over the box) from one of the boxes apart from that everything was ok when I opened the two boxes. I hope when I buy again this does not happen again thanks

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Squid, Stuffed, in Ink, Canned, NW, 2.76 kg , 24 x 115 g

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Improvements: Discount to loyal customers
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Just like fresh catch from Newfoundland

Atlantic cod

Got my order the products are great and good prices

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Improvements: If product not loaded to the truck notify the customer so they don’t have wait & keep tracking the truck
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Great service great varieties

Thanks I got what I was looking for

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Crab (Blue), Medium, Whole, Frozen, 6.8 kg (15 lb), 15 x 1 lb

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Too big

One of the boxes had 8 huge fish in it and wasn’t the normal I order. Usually we get 16 fish in the box and they are 1/2 to 3/4. The ones we got are 1lb or more and useless to us. Still waiting for a resolution.

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Sardines, in Vegetable Oil, Whole, Canned, NW, 6.25 kg, 50 x 125 g

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Improvements: Price if possible
Channel: We are your regular customers.

Haddock, (Chemfree), 6 oz, Fillets, Frozen, NW, 10 lb

Thank You so much Shahid!

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Improvements: I can ask for anything different great service delivered to my door!
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Top pick for kids and elderly!

Great value
Great quality
Best price in the gta !

Thanks Peter!

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Improvements: No improvement needed :)
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My thoughts on my first order (Snapper (Red), 2-4 lb, Minutos, Frozen, NW, 10 lb)

This was my first order and I must say that I am beyond satisfied and it surpassed my expections. The fish was of excellent quality and the packaging and delivery was perfect.

Snapper (Red), 3-4 lb, WGGS, Frozen, NW, 22 lb

Very good fish


Good quality

Thanks Pedro!

Pollock, (Alaska), 4-6 oz, Fillets, Skinless, Boneless, Frozen, NW, 10 lb
Peter Dowdye
Enjoyable fillet !

No bones! Great value $ ! My kids enjoyed it ! I will surely buy again! Thanks
I recommend buying larger size 2-4 oz perfect servingsize

Thanks Peter

Sardine - Whole, IQF, Croatia

The service was excellent but the shipment fees are expensive

Hi Mireille,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We try hard to get the product delivered to you at the best price point.
But with the ever increasing fuel prices it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so.
Rest assured you paid the lowest possible price to ship your seafood from Toronto GTA to Ottawa.

Shrimp, (White), 91-130, PD, Frozen, NW, 10 lb , 5 x 2 lb
Gary Zhu
Good quality, fast delivery

I am happy with the product and service. Excellent supplier to order from.

Thanks Gary,

Glad you liked the product.


Good salmon but next time I will bye smaller portions.