Scallops, 80-120, Frozen, NW, 30 lb, 6 x 5 lb



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These buttery seafood favorites are a mainstay in chowders, pastas, and even as crispy little morsels seared quickly on a hot pan. Our scallops are all natural and we ensure that they are never pumped (a process where they are soaked in additives that makes them appear bigger.) They are wild caught, easy to cook, and incredibly delicious. A perfect meal to impress or just enjoy with the family.

Dry scallops are scallops that are not treated with water and phosphate solutions. Scallops can be treated with a solution of water and sodium tripolyphosphate, or STPP. This preserves them as soon as they are harvested at sea, but it also helps them to hold on to a lot more water weight.

IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen. IQF results in a higher quality product compared to block freezing. It's good for food sustainability, as you can defrost and use the exact needed quantity instead of thawing the whole block.

10/20 and other such numbers are references to size. So 10/20 means that there are 10-20 scallops in a pound. The lower the number, the larger the scallop.

U10 is an alternate sizing reference. So U10 means that there are under 10 scallops in a kilogram. The lower the number, the bigger the scallop.