Perch (Ocean), 4-6 oz, Skin On, Boneless, Frozen, NW, 10 lb



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The Nile perch, also known as the African snook, Victoria perch, is a species of freshwater which is widespread throughout much of the Afrotropic ecozone. It is native to Nile, Congo, Senegal, and also found in Lake Chad, Volta, and other river basins. Our Nile perch are wild-caught, then processed, filleted and immediately frozen to maximize the freshness and optimize the texture. This Ocean Perch is a mild-tasting fish with slightly sweet flesh and a moderately firm texture. Nile Perch also has a mild flavour with a moist, medium-firm texture. It has a meaty texture that some compare with grouper or sea bass. Moreover, this perch is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and it provides great source of protein and B vitamins that help to boost your heart health and brain health

IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen. IQF results in a higher quality product compared to block freezing. It's good for food sustainability, as you can defrost and use the exact needed quantity instead of thawing the whole block.

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Size: 4-6oz, Case: 10 lb