Shrimp, (White), 21-25, Torpedo Breaded, Raw, Frozen, NW, 4 kg, 20 x 200 g



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Our farm-raised shrimps are coated in crispy, golden-brown breading and they are free from artificial flavors and colors. It can be your favorite snacks, appetizer, or entrée due to its crunchy and crispy. Also, it helps you to save time over in house-preparation but still have an appealing dish. Enjoy our Frozen Breaded Shrimps in four different varieties:

- Long, easy-to-dip torpedo shrimp

- White butterfly shrimp

- Black tiger butterfly shrimp

- White PDTO shrimp

PDTO stands for Peeled Deveined Tail On.

**21/25 and other such numbers are references to size. So 21/25 means that there are 21-25 shrimp in a pound. The lower the number, the larger the shrimp.