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Albacore tuna has a mild to medium flavor profile with firm flesh and large flakes. Like other tunas, it has a “steak-like” texture, but less so than Yellowfin or Bigeye Tuna. It has a higher fat content which gives it a richness of taste compared to other kinds of tuna.

Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavour that's leaner than bluefin. Yellowfin tuna populations are less threatened and more abundant than bluefin tuna making these an eco-friendlier choice.

IVP stands for Individually Vacuum Packed.

IWP stands for Individually Wrapped Packed. This is a hygienic type of packaging that protects against dehydration.

Seafood treated with CO2 or "Tasteless Smoke," maintains its colour through the freezing and thawing process so it stay fresh-looking longer.