Clam Strips (Breaded), Frozen, NW, 6 lb, 24 x 4 oz



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Our Clam Strips come ready to fry, eat, and enjoy, making them a great choice for a quick and easy meal or appetizer. They are made from the freshest clams and are lightly yellow-breaded.  Wild-caught in the waters surrounding U.S.A These tasty Clam Strips are a great source of protein, iron and B12. with the huge source of protein and other B vitamins clams become a favorite snack that healthy and addictive. 

There are 2  variants available for this product:

Pouch Pack Size: 4oz, Case: 6 lb

 Clam Strips, Breaded, Pouch Pack, USA, 24x4oz, NW 6 lbs..