Guide to Purchase Canned Sardine Fish In Canada

Guide to Purchase Canned Sardine Fish In Canada

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When you think about one of the healthiest fishes among the seafood rich in omega-three and other nutrients, you can’t forget to count on canned sardine fish. Canned sardine fish is one of the great options for people who like to eat just right out of the can while ensuring their health is in check. 

Inter Canada Fisheries” is one of the wholesale seafood companies that sell the best-canned sardine fish in Canada. With more than 40 years of experience in the seafood industry, you can’t ask for a better option when it comes to a seafood supplier with a variety of choices that are too in a price range that is convenient for every buyer. 

If you are planning to buy canned sardine fish and don’t know where to start, then you should focus on the processing method that plays a vital role in making your purchase on what kind of sardine fish you want to purchase! 

1. Smoked and unsmoked 

While buying smoked sardine canned fish, you can expect a change in texture, and before you go ahead and make your purchase, you need to check whether the fish is naturally smoked or liquid smoke is used before packaging the process.  You should look for canned sardine fish for sale in Canada that is suitable for your needs.

2. Type of Oil 

When buying canned sardine fish, you need to pick the ones that are soaked in lighter oils, which helps hold onto the texture and taste of the fish, while on the other hand, heavy oils can spoil the taste of the fish. 

3. Freshness 

When looking for a fresh product that is newly packed, you should look for the shape of the fish, whether it is intact or not. Some distributors use frozen sardine fish before canning the product, which is not an ideal option if you are planning to buy a freshly canned product.

4. Check the processing methods

There are many different methods of processing sardine fish before canning, some distributors smoke the fish, and some fry them before the canning process. You need to make sure that you choose the one that is minimally processed and can offer you good quality meat that is rich in nutrients. 

Why choose Inter Canada Fisheries for canned sardine fish? 

We offer our customers high-quality sardine canned fish rich in nutrients and flavor. So the next time you think about purchasing sardine canned fish, you should visit our website and make your pick for a beautiful seafood experience ahead!