Discover The 5 Different Types of Shrimps

Discover The 5 Different Types of Shrimps

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Shrimps are one of the most popular kinds of seafood in the world. You can have shrimps however you like, and most importantly, they are healthy and delicious.

Many people like the sweet and mild tastes of different Shrimp, which are significantly easier to find if you know how to about them. Many get confused while shopping for Shrimp as every Shrimp has its particular category.

Many seafood companies can help you buy white Shrimp online in Toronto. One of the companies is “Inter Canada Fisheries,” is a 40 years old family-run business based in Toronto, Canada, which has been serving people with a wide range of seafood at the wholesale price range.

Read below to know more about the five different shrimps available in the market!

Pink Shrimp - Pink Shrimp is generally used for salads and is found on the west coast of Florida. Shrimps are popular seafood that many people love. Generally, it is pink in color, but you can also find white and gray colors. These shrimps are tiny and also known as “salad shrimps.” These are perfect for you if you prefer mild and sweet flavors.

Brown ShrimpThese shrimps have a different flavor as compared to others. You can steam or boil these shrimps and enjoy their sweety and salty flavor with a firm texture of meat. It’s a brownish-red shell shrimp that is available in different flavors. You can place your order to buy brown breaded Shrimp online from us in GTA.  

White ShrimpWhite shrimps are the most popular types of Shrimp which can be easily cleaned and cooked. Many chefs have different ideas for making white shrimps; they can be grilled, steamed, baked, or whatever you want. There are three different types of white Shrimp: Chinese white, pacific white, and gulf white. It has a classic flavor with a firm texture and a sweet taste.

Rock ShrimpThese shrimps have a rock-hard shell that needs a particular machine to peel off the shell. The sweet flavor of rock shrimp is quite similar to spiny lobster. This protein-packed Shrimp is pleasing for many shrimp eaters who like lobster flavor.

Tiger ShrimpFor those new to cooking shrimps, tiger shrimps are the perfect option for you. You can find a variety of shrimps in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India. It is easy to cook. You can steam it or grill it however you like; you wouldn’t get disappointed. It is 12 inches long, which you quickly find. Like many shrimps and fishes, it has a mild taste that you would like to try.