Lobster, 8-10 oz, Tails, Frozen, NW, 10 lb



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Canadian Atlantic Lobsters (Homarus americanus) are caught in the cold pristine waters along the rugged north Atlantic coast of Canada. Our Lobsters are wild-caught and totally chemical-free. After catching, these lobsters are processed and cleaned, then immediately frozen to maximize the freshness and optimize the texture. Seafood connoisseurs often refer this Canadian Atlantic Lobster as the "King of Seafood" due to its luscious taste. The taste of this seafood is across between crab and shrimp but it's still have differences. The lobster meat is moister, chewier, and more tender compares to shrimps and crabs. Moreover, its meat is firm, yet smooth and soft to the bite, all at once. Unlike crabs, lobsters have a sweeter taste and don't have strong fishy smell. 

Lobster is not only delicious, it is highly versatile and one of the most nutritious sources of protein you can find while low in fat and carbohydrates. . In fact, it has less saturated fat, calories and cholesterol compares to our lean favorites such as pork, extra lean beef, and white chicken meat. At less than 100 calories per serving (89% of calories from protein), Canadian Atlantic Lobster is a great meal choice for any diet.