Sushi Shrimp - Raw, Torpedo, Ebi, Nobashi



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Nobashi Shrimp is one of the most various types of shrimps in the world. The shrimp is transformed into a straight headless, deveined, peeled, tail-on and styled Japanese. That's the reason why it's also called as Torpedo Shrimps. Besides, the Nobashi Shrimp offers a sweet and firm texture, which is perfect for your sushi or shrimp tempura. Each case contains multiple trays with 30 pieces of shrimp on them.

These are available in

Size: 26/30, 30 pc/tray, 20 trays/case, Case wt: 19.84 lb

26/30 and other such numbers are references to size. So 26/30 means that there are 26-30 shrimps in a pound. The lower the number, the larger the shrimp.