Carabinero - Scarlett Shrimps - Head On Shell On (HOSO)



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Our Carabinero Shrimps are wild caught and immediately frozen to ensure that their firm texture and strong and sweet flavour are retained during transit. Unlike most other varieties of shrimp, both the tail and head portions are meant to be consumed. We say consumed but savoured is a far better term as the dizzying rush of flavour one gets from eating the top portion is simultaneously sweet, salty, and rich. Truly an unmatched delicacy, the striking ruby-red colour and large size give these shrimp the plate appeal to turn your dinner party special occasion into a 5-star Michelin masterpiece.

There are 3 variants for this products:

Size: M-B-0 (6-8pc/kg) Case: 12 kg

Size: M-B-1 (8-10pc/kg) Case: 12 kg

Size: M-B-2 (10-12 pc/kg) Case: 12 kg