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PEI Mussels is also called mytilus edulis. This species of mussels grows all along the Atlantic coastline from the Virginia coastline to the Arctic. These salt water mussels are bivalves just like oysters, clams, and scallops. These mussels are farmed sustainably and shipped to us live and fresh, greenshell mussels are high-quality sustainably grown products that we are proud to include in our product offerings. Greenshell mussels are approximately 30% larger than most blueshell varieties. So you'll have more meat to go with mouth-watering recipes such as mussels grilled with roast garlic butter and mussels in white wine sauce. Or you can steam them and have them any way you like!

There are 2 variations available for this product:

1, Mussels, Fresh, PEI, 25 lb bag.

2, Mussels, Fresh, PEI, 50 lb Case