Squid, (Todarodes, Pacific), U10, Tubes, Interleaved, Frozen, NW, 22.05 lb, 2 x 5 kg



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Todarodes Squid, also known as Japanese Flying Squid is a genus of flying squid from the subfamily. Todarodinae, of which it is the type genus. After caught, these squids are immediately processed and frozen to guarantee the freshness and optimize the texture. It has a mild, subtle sweet taste with a firm and meaty and chewy texture. The meat has an opaque white color. Also, the texture and flavor will change, depends on how you cook it. If it's overcooked, the squid will become rubbery and bland; however, if it is cooked properly, the squid tends to have a mild flavor similar to that of shrimps and lobster. Our breaded squid will make your meal more convenient, fast with the tasty and crunchy texture. Additionally, squid contains huge source of protein, iron, vitamin B-12, and selenium, but low in calories and fat which is really good for your health.

IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen. IQF results in a higher quality product compared to block freezing. It's good for food sustainability, as you can defrost and use the exact needed quantity instead of thawing the whole block.

U10 and other such numbers are references to size. So U10 means that there are under 10 squids in a kilogram. The lower the number, the bigger the squid.

There are 2 variations available or this product:

Size: U10 , Case 10 kg

Size: U10 , Case 30 lb